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One of the many goals of education is to prepare students to college & career ready. A strong academic and Career and Technical foundation and preparation for career opportunities are important educational components for Wisconsin students. Students can benefit from participation in educational programs which provide a work-based experience and a more deliberate selection of course work based on potential career interests.

Students seek a clear connection between their future career(s) and their class work. The opportunity to explore and experience a world of work is beneficial to career decision-making. Interning at a workplace provides a firsthand look at what skills are needed, how knowledge learned in school is put into action in the workplace, and informs the student about career choice. Work-based learning is the key to a successful 21st century.

Some workbased education programs and offerings provide an opportunity for students to earn post-secondary credits concurrently with earning high school credit. This may occur through local agreements between a high school and college (such as a technical college or university) or through a more comprehensive agreement at the state or national level. Students should inquire about these opportunities with their guidance counselor, teacher, and/or the school district’s School to Work or Career and Technical Education Director. You can find examples of common means of earning post-secondary credit while in high school in the document found at this link.


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