Career and Technical Education Enrollment Reporting System


The Career and Technical Education Enrollment Reporting System (herein referred to as CTEERS) is an important aspect of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (CPA) as it collects enrollment information at the 11th, 12th and 13th grade levels on those secondary districts receiving CPA funds or participating in CPA Basic Grant projects.

This collected enrollment information is in turn utilized to respond to the Federal Performance Report mandated of the State, to gather information related to the districts for the State Plan, to assist districts in measuring progress to mandated Core Indicators of Performance, and finally as a criterion in the Office of Civil Rights process. It is, therefore, very important and critical that all enrollment information requested by CTEERS from the district be timely, concise, complete and accurate. Failure to report in such a manner can and will jeopardize the district's financial grant for the reporting year.

The two reports that basic grant participating districts are required to submit are the Composite Enrollment Report and the Graduate Follow-up Report. The Composite Enrollment Report is due on or before July 15 with the Follow-up Report being due May 1 of the year following.

If you have questions relating to any aspect of CTEERS, please contact Don Vedder at 608-267-2279 or for clarification.

Timeline For Report Submission

DPI Number/Name Due Dates

PI-1330R/Composite Enrollment Report
PI-1335/Graduate Completer Follow-up Report


July 15
May 1 (following year)

Don Vedder
CTEERS Coordinator, Data Management
Phone: 608-267-2279

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