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2014 CTE Advocacy, Data, and Accountability Workshop

CTE & Perkins Updates:

Course Options, Youth Options & Dual Credit



CTE Month & Social Media

Distance Education Delivery of Secondary CTE Certification



2013 CTE Advocacy, Data, and Accountability Workshop Handouts

The State of CTE

The Data Story--Data & Advocacy

Educator Effectiveness



2012 CTE Data and Accountability Workshop Handouts




Data Resources


Disclaimer--Data Limitations
Integrity of Data Disseminated in an Electronic Medium
Revised: June 25, 1999


The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has made a reasonable effort to ensure that the attached data/records are up-to-date, accurate, complete, and comprehensive at the time of disclosure. These records reflect data as reported to this agency by the educational community we serve for the reporting period indicated. These records are a true and accurate representation of the data on file at the DPI. Authenticated information is only accurate as of the point in time of validation and verification. The Department of Public Instruction is not responsible for data that is misinterpreted or altered in any way. Derived conclusions and analysis generated from this data are not to be considered attributable to the Department of Public Instruction. Willful intent to alter and intentional tampering with public records is punishable under s. 946.72, Wis. Stats. Offenses against computer data and programs are punishable under s. 943.70 (2), Wis. Stats.

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