Career and Technical Student Organizations

Wisconsin CTSO's

What are CTSOs?

  • 2015 CTSO Flyer
  • CTSOs are a basic component of vocational education programs that supports and enhances related school-based and work-based learning.
  • CTSOs provide students with skills and knowledge to succeed in the new global economy.
  • CTSOs are found in middle, junior and senior high schools throughout Wisconsin.

What are the benefits of CTSOs?

  • enable students to achieve high academic and occupational standards,
  • develop meaningful business partnerships,
  • link school-based learning to the real world of work and family,
  • motivate youth to become better students and productive citizens,
  • develop school and community leaders,
  • enhance student self-esteem and self-confidence

CTSO Events



Collaborative all CTSO Community Service Project  

The Milwaukee Bucks partnered up with members from Wisconsin DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, and SkillsUSA for a collaborative community service project. Five outstanding school districts conducted school and community campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of operating a mobile device while driving.


In third place, FBLA and FFA members from Belmont High School

  • ·       Members utilized Facebook, Twitter, parent newsletters along with an in-school pledge board to reach their entire district of over 1,500 individuals.
  • ·       Students and community members wore yellow clothing to support an awareness day about texting and driving.
  • ·       Promotional T-shirts were distributed with the slogan “One Text or Call Could End it All” with numerous statistics about the dangers of using mobile devices while driving.

In second place, FBLA members from Beaver Dam High School

  • ·       Members coordinated an awareness campaign with numerous local businesses (Walmart, Subway, and Culvers) to offer incentives to 600 students that participated in a Spirit Week for a Don’t Text and Drive Campaign.
  • ·       The culmination of the Spirit Week included 285 students taking the pledge to Never Text and Drive.
  • ·       Extensive promotional materials resulted in high participation through Posters, Flyers, Athletic Program Advertisements, Facebook, Twitter, and in-school events.



In first place, FCCLA and DECA members from Wausau West High School

  • ·       Members developed a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of using mobile devices while driving.
  • ·       Utilized school wide messaging through Facebook, Twitter, and email messaging.
  • ·       1300 students and numerous additional community members took a pledge to avoid using mobile devices will driving.

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