Career & Technical Education Team Mission Statement and Purpose


Department of Public Instruction Career and Technical Education Team Mission Statement

The Career and Technical Education Team provides leadership, service and connections to prepare learners for life, work and careers.

Career and Technical Education Brochure (pdf)


Career and Technical Education Team's Commitment to Quality

As a service to the citizens of Wisconsin, we will...

  • Support local schools in building the foundations for lifework development.
  • Expand and enhance the quality of Career and Technical Education for all learners, including but not limited to educator professional development, educational research and inquiry, school performance standards, curriculum development, and student leadership.
  • Foster and support the creation of linkages among partners such as students, parents, community members, business, industry and labor, and professional organizations.
  • Provide quality resources to educators and students that improve classroom learning.
  • Communicate educational issues to schools and communities.
  • Support student-led organizations that demonstrate academic achievement, technical skills, and strong community building and productive citizenship.

The purpose of the Career and Technical Education

Team is to provide quality services to school districts. A few of the services provided are:

  • coordination and implementation of the Carl Perkins federal vocational funds
  • coordination of the state certified Cooperative Education Program
  • coordination of the state vocational student organizations
  • state leadership for Tech Prep and curriculum alignment
  • management of the federal office of Civil Rights Regulations
  • support for local, state, and national teacher professional development opportunities
  • coordination of the state superintendent's advisory committees
  • development of professional curriculum resources
  • serve as liaisons to state and national professional organizations and university programs
  • assist with teacher preparation and certification
  • serve as a clearinghouse for educational information and guidance
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