Career Clusters and Programs of Study

Career Clusters are broad occupational organizing tool defining education for post-secondary education and careers using 16 broad clusters of occupations and 79 pathways with validated standards that ensure opportunities for all students regardless of their career goals and interests.


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Career Clusters are a tool for a seamless educational system that:

  • blends rigorous academic/technical preparation
  • provides career development
  • offers options for students to experience all aspects of a business or industry
  • facilitates/assists students and educators with ongoing transitions


Career Clusters

  • provide a framework for continuing contemporary, high-quality programs
  • provide a framework for seamless education
  • provide more career options for students
  • provide a framework for organizing and reorganizing the delivery of career and technical education and needed 21st Century Skills
  • provide understanding of knowledge and skill transfer and verification of qualification


Career Cluster Framework

The cluster/pathway framework supports ongoing efforts to move from vocational education to career and technical education.

  • Cluster Core Level--Skills and knowledge all students need within the cluster
  • Pathway Level--Skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a full range of career opportunities within a pathway
  • Career Specialties--Represents the full range of career opportunities within each path


Career Pathways

A career pathway is a coherent, articulated sequence of rigorous academic and career related courses, commencing in ninth grade and leading to an associate degree, and/or an industry-recognized certificate or licensure, and/or a baccalaureate and beyond. A career pathway...

  • is developed, implemented and maintained in partnership among secondary and postsecondary education, business, and employers.
  • is available to all students, including adult learners, and designed to lead to rewarding careers.


Career Specialties

  • training for specific jobs or occupations
  • knowledge and skill statements for this level would be created by industry standards and verified by business and industry representatives
  • Represents the full range of career opportunities within each path


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