State Superintendent's Business Friends of Education Award 2014


Each year the State Superintendent of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction awards individuals and businesses who have partnered with education to provide quality education experiences that prepare students for the world of work. The State Superintendent's Business Friends of Education Award will recognize their accomplishment, amplify their successful business and education partnership, and encourage others to promote and support Career and Technical Education.


  • Establishes an effective business and education partnership that addresses local/regional workforce needs
  • Improves the education experiences of students
  • Strengthens Career and Technical Education programs
  • Demonstrates partnership innovation and creativity
  • Sustains the partnership

Selection Process

Please complete the nomination award and submit it using the instructions on the form on or before February 7, 2014. A review committee will screen applications and the state superintendent will make final selections by mid March. Those who send in nominations will be notified by email. Award recipients will also be notified.

Granting of Awards

The State Superintendent's Business Friends of Education Awards will be presented at the Wisconsin Association of Career and Technical Education (WACTE) Conference Awards Breakfast on Friday, April 11, 2014 in Middleton, Wisconsin. The nominee and a guest will be invited to attend. More information about the conference schedule can be found online.


  • Nomination Form
  • Business Friends of Education Program Coming Soon!
  • Business Friends of Education News Release Coming Soon!
For questions about this information, contact Robin Kroyer-Kubicek (608) 266-2022